Ultragrain® is unique because it starts with specially selected white wheat that’s carefully milled to the ultrafine texture of traditional white flour. That powerful combination is the secret to Ultragrain, and what makes it unmatched among whole grain flours.

Ultragrain starts in the field, where we work directly with farmers in Colorado and surrounding states to grow exclusive varieties of white wheat that are milder and sweeter than standard red—or even white—whole wheat.

Kalcevic Farms is one of the many family farms growing specially selected white wheat that is milled into Ultragrain. With over 100 years of farming history, this fourth-generation family farm is excited to be part of the Ultragrain flour program. Hear from Danell Kalcevic here:

Most whole wheat and whole grain flours are made from red wheat, so they’re typically darker, grittier and show more brown specks. On the other hand, the more appealing texture of conventional white flour is the result from sifting out the bran and germ, which contain most of the grain’s fiber and nutrients. Ultragrain gives you the best of both worlds—whole grain nutrition and white flour appeal.

When milling, we grind the entire kernel, including the bran and germ, creating the same consistency and fine granulation as white flour. At the same time, we retain 100% of the whole grain nutrition in Ultragrain—including fiber, vitamins and minerals—with no artificial additives. The end result is whole grain flour with the smooth texture and appearance of traditional white flour, plus the all-natural nutrition of whole grain.