Snack foods aren’t just about crunch and craving anymore. Consumers are asking for healthier options that don’t compromise the snacking experience. Sustagrain®, the highest-fiber whole grain, can help. Use it to deliver a host of fiber and whole grain benefits—even in extruded snacks. Now crunch this: Sustagrain has over 3 times the dietary fiber of oats and corn flour, and at least 10 times the fiber of brown rice. This proprietary variety of barley has a balanced blend of insoluble and soluble fibers, with the highest level of beta-glucan and the lowest glycemic index of any grain. Truly a superfood, all-natural Sustagrain promotes sustained energy, satiety and digestive and heart health. And it’s available in flour and flakes, making it the perfect addition to extruded snacks, chips, cereals, crackers and more. Sustagrain. Give any snack a powerful boost of better-for-you. To get started, e-mail

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