Why was Ardent Mills formed?

Ardent Mills was formed to better serve bakery and food company customers. Customers are looking for a partner that can help them develop foods that appeal to consumers’ changing taste and texture preferences, while also meeting their nutritional needs. They also need a partner that can build cost-competitive supply chains, pinpoint operating efficiencies and offer specialized services such as risk management.

What will be the benefits to customers?

We are excited about the benefits Ardent Mills offers our food and bakery customers. Ardent Mills provides its customers the broadest range of flours, blends and specialty products, all backed by the supply assurance of its extensive North American sourcing and milling network. The company’s products are complemented by strategic solutions aimed at helping customers innovate and grow, gain value from strong end-to-end supply chains, provide supply assurance and help improve commodity risk management.

What will be the benefits to the wheat growers and cooperatives who supply Ardent Mills?

The formation of Ardent Mills provides more opportunities for these farmers and co-ops to add value to the wheat they raise and handle. The company’s asset base provides additional sourcing opportunities. Its product innovation capabilities and other strengths enable these growers to further connect to the consumer marketplace.

What is the meaning of the Ardent Mills name and logo?

The name Ardent Mills was chosen because it conveys strength, passion and commitment to the customer – attributes at the heart of the new company. The shape of the Ardent Mills logo was inspired by the silhouette of a kernel of wheat. A vertical “arrow” was incorporated in the center to represent the progressiveness of the new company.

Is Ardent Mills in compliance with the Ontario Toxics Reduction Act of 2009?

Yes, per Section 27.1 of the Regulation, our annual reports and Toxic Reduction Plan summaries are available to download below. The TRA plan was created in 2014 by Mondelez Mississauga Mill, which was purchased by Ardent Mills effective September 1, 2015. Ardent Mills will adopt the plan as stated.

Toxic Reduction Act - Public Report (2017 Reporting Year)

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